Environmental Site Assessment

NTI offers comprehensive environmental site assessments to assist property owners, real estate firms, developers, banks, lenders, title companies and facility real estate managers in determining potential environmental liabilities associated with property acquisition, disposition and ownership. Information obtained through these assessments may impact the economics of a property transaction for the owner, buyer, seller and lender.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) satisfy the due diligence requirements of a property transaction utilizing ASTM or client-specific guidelines by identifying possible environmental impairments. Federal, state and local laws view property owners or managers potentially liable for the cost of cleaning up a contaminated site. An ESA plays a significant part in real estate transactions and property development and can help you avoid frustrating delays for your projects. NTI customizes the Phase I ESA to meet your needs.

If potential environmental concerns are identified during a Phase I ESA, a Phase II ESA may be recommended. The Phase II ESA provides a more comprehensive and detailed review to further evaluate suspected environmental impairments and the extent of surface and subsurface contamination.


  • A physical survey of surrounding properties to determine general use and occupants of the area, and a review of data regarding the local hydrology and geology.
  • An assessment of current and past uses and practices of the property with particular attention given to determining if any hazardous material or waste practices have occurred at the site.
  • An on-site visual inspection of the site to identify recognized environmental concerns.
  • An assessment of the historic land use and development of the property through an interpretation of site records and documents, review of owner/operator records, and a review of local, state and federal regulatory agency records.
  • A written report of finding including recommendations and conclusions.


  • Environmental compliance services
  • Geotechnical and subsurface exploration services
  • Asbestos, radon, lead and PCB surveys

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