Ethanol Production Facility

James Valley Ethanol, that was built near Groton, SD, will produce 45 mgy from approximately 15 million bushels of corn. The plant was designed to be one of the most energy-efficient, labor-efficient and microbiologically-efficient ethanol production facilities on line in the U.S. This facility consumes approximately 18 million bushels of corn from the region and provides environmentally friendly fuel as well as a valuable high quality livestock feed for local, regional and national markets.

Project Details:

The Sioux Falls team (formerly American Technical Services) performed geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services for this project. Due to very soft soil conditions, our professionals recommended that this facility be supported by Geopier elements.  Our technicians also provided the quality control services for the Geopier installation.

We have provided geotechnical engineering and/or construction testing services on over 40 different Ethanol production facilities.


Groton, SD



Service provided:

Geotechnical Engineering
Construction Materials Testing